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2009年1月 8日

php Link Directory


 phpで書かれてるDirectoryサイトが設置できるスクリプトがないかなぁと思って探してたら、php Link Directory (phpLD)を見つけた。ver3はシェアウェアっぽいけど、ver2はfreeでっす。phpとMySQL環境が必要です。



1. Upload the files in the archive to your host.

2. Change permissions on the following file and four folders to 777 (writing permissions):
- include/config.php
- temp/
- temp/adodb
- temp/cache
- temp/templates

If the folders do not exist please create them.

3. Access the installer/updater by trying to go to the directory.
It should forward you to http://www.your-domain.com/install/ ,
if it doesn't try typing in the URL directly.

For example, if you installed the directory in a sub folder
of your domain it may look like this:

4. Run through the self explained setup, if you have any questions,
comments or suggestions stop by the forum:

5. As a security measure, we recommend you change back permissions
to 755 on the file:
- include/config.php

You can also remove the entire "install" folder.
If you want to (re)install/update on a later point, you can upload
the folder again.


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